Finding Fun is a game for young children around the age of 3. The game provides verbal prompts for the child to find objects in a scene. They are congratulated for successfully finding an object and if they pick the wrong object they are told its name to help them learn new vocabulary. The order to find objects is randomized each time to prevent rote memorization. After finding all the objects in a scene they are congratulated and given a chance to try again. At any time they can select the ‘home’ button to go back to the beginning and pick a new scene.

Finding Fun also contains in-app purchases for additional modes finding numbers and finding letters. Future in-app purchases will add additional scenes to increase the number of items the child can learn and add an additional mode for finding shapes. There are no ads which makes it less distracting and less concerning as a parent.

The idea behind this game was to give my children a fun way to learn new words and approximates how they played with picture books. When I tried to find a game like this on the app store the closest I could come was the ‘Hidden Object’ games but these were hard for them to play as they often expected the player to be able to read and would have time limits and scores which complicated the game for a 3 year old.